KWV House of Fire
KWV House of Fire
KWV House of Fire
KWV House of Fire
KWV House of Fire
KWV House of Fire
KWV House of Fire
KWV House of Fire

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Brandy in South Africa is produced in 2 ways. It is either a potstill or a blended brandy.

A potstill brandy is produced exactly like a cognac and is also double distilled in a potstill. However, it cannot be referred to as a Cognac because it was not produced from Cognac grapes. According to SA brandy legislation, a potstill brandy must mature for at least 3 years in oak barrels. Potstill brandies usually have an alcohol content of 38%. Our exquisite KWV 10 year, 12 year, 15 year, 20 year, Nexus and Centenary brandies are potstill brandies.

A blended brandy is a brandy which must contain at least 30% potstill brandy. According to SA legislation, this 30% potstill brandy must mature for at least 3 years in oak. The rest of the blend consists of column distilled wine spirit which does not have to mature in oak barrels. Blended brandies usually have an alcohol content of 43%. Our customer favourite KWV 3-year and 5-year brandies are blended brandies.

We offer two experiences


A tour through the HOF, including a brandy and chocolate pairing.
*KWV 10yr Brandy & Belgian Milk Chocolate
*Also KWV 12yr Brandy & Almond Milk Chocolate
*As well as KWV 15yr Brandy & Belgian Dark Chocolate
*KWV 20yr Brandy & Belgian White Chocolate


For that special occasion treat yourself to a Brandy Blending Experience with our Brandy Experts.
You will be blending your own brandy while enjoying Canapés and informative discussions on the Brandy making process.
To end off, you will get the opportunity to bottle your special blend of brandy and add a personalised label.



KWV’s three sustainability pillars
Human integrity, social equality and environmental protection are essential issues for businesses. A greater onus
rests on businesses to act in a sustainable matter. KWV exemplifies this principle.
KWV does this through sustainable business practices that serve and protect the future of our planet, while
respecting human rights with fair labour practices and empowerment programmes.
Corporate social investment
KWV is committed to the empowerment, development and upliftment of the communities in which it operates. Through both enterprise and socio-economic development, KWV strives to invest in initiatives that focusses on every stage of the lifecycle in order to create sustainable citizens. Focussing on a sustainable future, KWV sees it as its corporate social responsibility to develop sustainable citizens, while maintaining ethical and fair working conditions for all its employees in agriculture, and ensuring that we strive for green, environmentally friendly practices in all working environments – from the land to the cellar and to our boardrooms.

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