The Paarl Wine Route is located in the Cape Winelands of the Western Cape of South Africa. Outdoor enthusiasts and families are increasingly attracted to the region because of its fine wine and natural beauty. Among the oldest wine farms in South Africa are found in Paarl.

Paarl is located 45 minutes away from Cape Town and within a 30-minute drive from other well-known wine regions. It is a popular tourist destination along with Stellenbosch and Franschhoek. 

Taste the unique flavours of Paarl’s award-winning wines as you explore some of South Africa’s oldest wine farms. The region’s scenic landscape is an added bonus to the delicious wines. The vineyards are surrounded by majestic mountains that provide a stunning view and make the entire experience even more enjoyable. With various activities and experiences, the Paarl Wine Route is the ultimate destination for wine lovers and adventure seekers. The Paarl Wine Route provides a unique opportunity to explore the history of South Africa’s winemaking industry, sample some of the finest wines in the country, and indulge in a range of activities. From wine tasting and tours to mountain biking and hiking, there is something to suit every interest.

Paarl takes its name from the huge granite outcrop that stands proudly on the crest of Paarl Mountain. The birth of Afrikaans, the world’s youngest language, is celebrated by the Afrikaans Language Monument that stands aside the southern slopes of Paarl Mountain. The Paarl Nature Reserve, situated on Paarl Mountain, allows our outdoor lovers to revel in beautiful fynbos rich walks and hiking trails, and superb mountain biking trails with stopovers at numerous wine farms along the way.

Paarl lies along the corridor of the Berg River, one of the Cape’s main rivers. The Berg River plays a significant role in the region’s agricultural practices, with wine and grape production being the most significant.

Take a relaxing drive through the countryside to enjoy the spectacular scenery and a leisurely lunch accompanied by the region’s award-winning wines.