Ridgeback Shines at the 2024 NWC Top 100 Competition

Ridgeback Shines at the 2024 NWC Top 100 Competition

We are thrilled to announce that Ridgeback Wines has achieved remarkable success at the prestigious National Wine Challenge (NWC) 2024!

This year’s competition was highly competitive, with entries from both established and up-and-coming wineries across South Africa. The judging process was rigorous, and each wine was meticulously assessed by a panel of experts.

We are incredibly proud to share that our Ridgeback Cabernet Franc has been crowned the Red Wine of the Year and received the prestigious Grand Cru award. This is a true testament to its exceptional quality.

Furthermore, our Ridgeback Cabernet Franc continued its winning streak by securing a place among the coveted Top 100 & Double Platinum award recipients.

This recognition extends to two other outstanding wines from our collection: Ridgeback Merlot and Ridgeback The Journey, both of which received Top 100 & Double Platinum awards.

Adding to the celebration, our Ridgeback Viognier 2023 impressed the judges, earning a Double Gold award.

These awards are a shining validation of the dedication and expertise of our winemaking team. They use only the finest grapes from our unique terroir to create wines that are both elegant and expressive.