Renowned Chef Johan Stander joins Perdeberg Wines to Lead Culinary Experience at Perdeberg Cellar

Paarl, South Africa – Continuous commitment to exceptional quality and sustainable growth is key as Perdeberg Wines welcomes its new chef.

Perdeberg Wines, one of Paarl’s most recognizable wineries, is proud to announce the appointment of Chef Johan Stander to helm its esteemed restaurant located at Perdeberg Cellar, in the Agter-Paarl area of the Western Cape. Stander, previously of Glen Carlou, Reuben’s and Camil’s, has worked with celebrated local chefs including Reuben Riffel and Camil Haas. With Stander’s culinary expertise and innovative approach to cuisine, he will lead the elevation of Perdeberg’s dining experience for visitors and connoisseurs alike.

Gerhard van der Watt, CEO at Perdeberg, is pleased, saying Stander’s appointment is a big drawcard for the farm. “Johan’s passion for fresh, sustainably sourced local ingredients and flair for South African flavours aligns with Perdeberg’s philosophy to food and wine enjoyment. We look forward to seeing how Johan draws on his passion and wealth of experience to create exciting dining experiences that showcase Perdeberg’s rich heritage and the diversity of our dryland-influenced wines.”

With an illustrious career spanning over two decades, Stander has garnered acclaim for his mastery of flavours, dedication to quality, and commitment to showcasing the best of South African cuisine. He draws inspiration from his mother who taught him to see the details and “jy eet met jou oë” and says he was drawn to Perdeberg’s impeccable offering and its renowned standing in the wine industry. “As a chef, it thrills me when guests experience joy through warm hospitality, approachable food and amazing wines where the natural tastes harmoniously combine and shine to create an unforgettable experience,” shares Stander.

Perdeberg’s Restaurant is renowned for its mouthwatering, bistro-style dishes made from locally sourced produce and its relaxing, family-friendly environment. Stander intends to refine the current offering and curate an exciting new menu with authentic flavours.

What can diners expect from the new Stander-led dining experience at Perdeberg? “I am a big fan of pork belly, so I would like to see a pork belly dish on the menu. And a selection of delicious desserts. All local and seasonal.” 

Whether savouring a delightful breakfast or enjoying a leisurely lunch, guests can look forward to an unforgettable dining experience characterised by impeccable service and culinary creativity. To reserve a table and experience the culinary magic at Perdeberg Wines restaurant, guests are encouraged to visit or contact the restaurant directly at +27 (021) 020 1626. Open from Wednesdays to Sundays, early reservations are recommended to secure your place at the table and indulge in a gastronomic adventure like no other.